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Do you belong in the civilization that was Gone With the Wind...Do you wish to be one of the proud lads in grey...Do you often find yourself saying such phrases as Fiddle-dee-dee and Great Balls of Fire? Then frankly my dear this is the rating community for you.

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1.Please do not take this so seriously, this is only for fun and not everyone can be Scarlett O'Hara...
2.Please post your app under an lj cut or it will be ignored
3.No nudity or obscenity of any kind
4.App's will be stamped after 7 days
5.Please keep all promotional banners under an lj cut
6.By no means post your favorite GWTW character as this may cause biased results...
7.After posting your app. vote on as many other apps as you'd like
8.Please bold your vote when voting

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Ellen Robilliard O'Hara- Scarlett's easy-going and always calm mother. Always controled and in control. Cares for all around her and a very loving spirit. Always putting others first before herself.

Gerald O'Hara- Scarlett's fiery, life-loving, spirited father. A boy at heart and very daring; always jumping high hurdles. Very hard-working and proud. A self made man who has A strong value for family and is loyal till the end.

Careen O'Hara- Sweet, caring, loving and extremly religious as she was brought up. Also extremly hard-working when needed. She's the kinder of the three O'Hara sisters. Also eventually joins a convent...

Suellen O'Hara- Bratty, childish, and jealous. Suellen O'Hara is the arch enemy of her older sister Scarlett. She's also very demanding and spoiled and bitter. But on the inside she just wishes to get married and have a family of her own and someone to take care of her.

Katie Scarlett O'Hara- Determined, fiery, and free-spirited, she fights to survive. And although she's extremly selfish she does deep down inside care for her family and works to help save her own skin as well as theirs. She's independent and learns to not care what society thinks. Iron willed till the end she saves her family and herself but is never really happy. Unfortunately far-sighted and can't see that what she needs to make her really happy is right in front of her.

Rhett Butler- Rhett is the always lovable rogue. Sarcastic and humorous he loves to get a reaction from people and could care less what people think of him. He's adventerous and cultured and very intelligent especially in the ways of money. He's protective and dotes upon those he loves. Sometimes concieted and temperamental but always fun-loving and always Rhett.

Bonnie Blue Butler- Spoiled and Bratty and always gets what she wants...But who couldn't help but act spoiled with parents like Scarlett and Rhett. Cute and with the charm of both Scarlett and Rhett. She appears as sweet as can be just don't upset her...

Belle Watling- A shrewd women with a caring heart. She's flirtatious and always honest, and always there when Rhett needs someone to talk to among other things...

Ashley Wilkes- Although fully aware of what lies in reality you shrink in front of it. You live in a world of dreams and can never make up your damn mind. You're frankly confusing. Although brave, you often end up getting bossed around by Mellie or Scarlett. You do love to read though and are very smart in that way. You also have a strong sense of family and moral. You know your principles and you stick to them.

India Wilkes- Rude, Flippant, and Jealous. She's always rubbing people the wrong way. Sister of Ashley she's very protective over him and feels the need to be motherly and take care of him after Melanie's death.

Melanie Hamilton Wilkes- An angel if there ever was one. Lovely, kind, giving, and loving. She see's the good in everyone. She's the sincerest of people and always means what she says. Usually quiet and reserved...but cross one of her many friends and your in for a strong tongue lashing.

Charles Hamilton- Naive and shy. Very eager but no will power. He's only in the movie for about 20 minutes then dies...how sad.

Sarah Jane aka Aunt Pitty-Pat Hamilton- Excited and Happy. Always full of joy but tends to get over excited and becomes nervous. Generally overprotected...and a bit on the fearful side.

Frank Kennedy- Kind and Polite. But very old-fashioned maners. Firm and un-yielding except under the hand of Scarlett. Tries to be a people-pleaser and make everyone happy. Protective and fights for which he thinks is right which ends up being his down-fall.

The Tarleton Twins- Happy, all-american boys. The Tarleton's are ambitious and cary the fiery temper of their red-headed family. Always on the optomistic side and a little mischevious.

Mammie- Strong-Willed, stubborn, and loyal. Mammie is a leader and cares deeply for her O'Hara family. She sticks with the family until the end through thick and thin. But if she dosn't like you or dosn't agree with something your doing, you'll be sure to know it!

Prissy- Although bright, cheery, and willing you're a scardey cat if there ever was one and always get talked into doing something or rather. However she can always be found with a smile on your face.

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